Monroe庐 Safety, Service and Value
When an average consumer walks into your shop they may ask for brakes, an oil change, maybe even a set of tires. Most likely, they won鈥檛 ask for their Ride Control to be inspected or replaced, even though it is a critical part of the steering, stopping, and stability of their vehicle. How do you make your customers aware that shocks and struts wear out over the course of normal operation and need to be replaced?
MONROE SHOCKS & STRUTS: Safety Service Value
Monroe is here to help with our Safety, Service, and Value business meeting:
  • Discuss the function of ride control
  • Determine the impact of worn components
  • Implement best practices to properly inspect and make recommendations
  • Discover the value for your customers to replace worn components with premium replacement products
For more information about Monroe's exclusive Safety, Service, and Value program, contact your local Monroe representative

MONROE SHOCKS & STRUTS: Safety Service Value